The best road trips in USA

road trips in USA

Are you planning on doing a road trip in America? Good, because it’s an excellent way to explore the country. There are several routes to choose from depending on what character you want the trip to have. Classics like Route 66 or Pacific Coast Highway is of course never wrong. But if you want to try something else, go for the Overseas Highway between Key Largo and Key West.

These are the best road trips in USA!


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Route 66: From Chicago to Los Angeles

roadtrip i USA

When the majority of people fantasize about going on a road trip in USA it’s often Route 66 that they imagine. This legendary and iconic trip takes you on a real adventure, from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles. You’ll drive more than 3900 km, through eight states and three time zones. It’s an amazing opportunity to see more of old historic areas, deserts and cities of various sizes.


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Pacific Coast Highway: From L.A. to San Francisco

roadtrip i USA

Drive along the coast of California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on the Pacific Coast Highway and experience one of the best road trips in the world. This route is perfect for those of you who don’t have the time, energy or money to spend on driving all of Route 66 but still want to see both nature and big cities. Almost the entire 730 km trip goes right along the coast, so prepare yourself for a gorgeous ocean view.


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Overseas Highway: From Miami to Key West

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Are you a person that is more into turquoise waters and swaying palm trees than busy cities? The road trip from Miami all the way down to Key West is probably the most gorgeous route in USA. Make sure to stay a few nights among the paradise islands for a nice break to a vacation in Miami. The total distance is about 270 km and takes you around three and a half hours to drive. We guarantee a real Caribbean feel!


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Blue Ridge Parkway: Between two national parks


The Blue Ridge Parkway connects the two national parks Shenandoah and The Great Smoky Mountains. The route is extremely popular and every year there are more people who drive on this road than there are visiting Grand Canyon. Perhaps it’s not very surprising considering the gorgeous views that you will experience and the fact that there are plenty to see along the 760 km drive.


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Olympic Peninsula Loop: A round-trip near Seattle


If you want to see more of USA’s northern areas, you should consider going on a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle. It’s also in this city where the route starts before you head north to Highway 104. Then you’ll set course towards Port Angeles and follow Highway 101 counterclockwise. Prepare to mesmerized by a scenery with high mountain tops and gorgeous ocean views during the 530 km drive.


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Day trips for those who don’t want to spend the entire vacation on the roads

  • Red Rock County – 180 km (from Phoenix to Sedona)
  • North Carolina Outer Banks – 180 km (from Corolla to Ocracoke)
  • Hana Highway, Hawaii – 80 km (from Kahului to Hana)
  • Going-to-the-sun Road, Glacier National Park: 80 km (from St Mary to West Glacier)
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