6 tips for when you travel with kids

travel with kids

So, your family finally decided to go on that dream vacation that you all have wished for. But, you already know that there is a risk that your kids might become restless, frustrated and bored during your travel. Here you have a couple of simple tips that can make the experience more pleasant.


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Make sure you have plenty of time

You’ve probably heard it before – make sure you have a lot of time. But it is extremely important when you’re traveling with kids. Regardless of if you are looking for your gate at the airport, are doing some sightseeing or just have to get from point A to point B, you’re going to need more time than you think. Everything is an adventure for kids and they love experiencing things along the way. So make sure to plan for some strolling, visits to the toilet and possible  outbreaks.


Book ahead

Sure, it sounds great to be spontaneous, flexible and just take the each day as it comes. However, it is not something to recommend when you travel with kids. It’s not that fun having to look for a hotel with an available family room when everyone is tired and hungry. So, make sure to book your accommodation before you leave to guarantee smiling faces.


Download apps, movies and games

Since there’s nowadays a huge selection of apps and games that are designed for kids, there’s no particular reason to bring half of the toy box along on the journey. Make sure there’s a lot to choose from in your tablet or phone and you are certain to entertain the little ones for a couple of hours. If you’ve rented a car and have to drive a while to reach the hotel, it’s the perfect moment to start a movie or series that the kids can watch in the back seat.


Don’t be afraid of stopovers when you fly

Are you one of those who tremble just by the thought of having to manage stopovers? Believe or not, but dividing your trip into several shorter sections often work better for kids. At the airport they have an opportunity to get rid of some energy, unlike when you’re in the plane. After five, six or seven hours it is highly doubtful if there are any games at all that could entertain the little ones. However, if your kids doesn’t like takeoffs or landings it is of course better to book a direct flight.


Choose destination and accommodation wisely

When planning your vacation, choose a city that has plenty of activities that are appropriate for the age that your kids are. If it is possible you should also try to find accommodation that is within walking distance to all the attractions. This way you save both time and money. Also, the kids probably thinks it is way more fun to explore on foot than having to sit still in a car, a bus or a train.


Slow down the pace

Be realistic regarding what you’ll have time to see and experience when you travel with kids. Plan for a much slower pace than if you travel with only your partner and try to not squeeze in too many activities during the vacation. The less you feel like you have to see, the more relaxed everyone will feel. A good tip is to keep in mind to plan the pace based on what your youngest child can handle.

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