A beach for everyday of the week in Sydney


With a huge number of beaches to choose between, you never have to go far to find the perfect spot in the sand when visiting Sydney. Make your way to the iconic Bondi Beach or try some of the more unknown options. You won’t be disappointed, regardless of what beach you end up on.

Here are 7 beaches in the favorite city of Australia!


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Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach is without a doubt one of the world’s most famous beaches and attracts a huge number of both tourists and locals on a daily basis. It will give you a great feel for the laid back beach culture that is Australia. Picknicks as well as fish and chips are popular snacks to eat directly on the beach, but there’s also several bars and cafés with gorgeous views of the ocean.


Cronulla Beach

Bild: sydney.com
Image: sydney.com

Cronulla is located in the south of Sydney and is the only beach that you can reach by train. This means you won’t have to think about solving any issues with parking. The northern parts of the beach are popular among surfers and here are lots of local surf schools that gives lessons to both beginners and those with some experience. Otherwise, you can find everything you need right by the beach, such as food, ice cream and some smaller shops.


Coogee Beach

Bild: sydney.com
Image: sydney.com

If you’re looking for calm waters and a family friendly beach, Coogee is definitely for you. The promenade along the beach has renovated historical buildings and nearby parks that are well taken care of. This makes the entire area incredibly beautiful. Here’s also showers, changing rooms and toilets.


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Palm Beach

Image: sydney.com

Do you enjoy surfing or strolling along gorgeous coastal walks? If that is the case, you should head out to Palm Beach in the northern parts of Sydney. The wharf is a perfect spot for fishing with the kids and you can relax in the café right by the water. The golden sand of the beach and the shimmering blue water makes Palm Beach ideal for both lounging in the sun or doing some water sports.


Clovelly Beach

Bild: sydney.com
Image: sydney.com

Clovelly is located between the iconic Bondi Beach and the lovely Coogee. But even if the beach has less visitors than its popular neighbors, it is just as beautiful and has long been a favorite among the locals. You also have a lot to choice from when it comes to food and drinks. There’s a café and a restaurant in the area. If you’re interested in spending the night, check out Clovelly Hotel.


Tamarama Beach

Image: sydney.com

Tamarama might not impress you with its size since it’s only 80 meters long. But the beach offers great conditions for those who likes to surf and it’s beautifully located with surrounding parks. Here’s also a café, a playground, a barbecue area and other amenities.


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Manly Beach

Bild: sydney.com
Image: sydney.com

Manly Beach is one of Australia’s most know beaches for surf enthusiasts. The first world championship in surfing was actually held here in 1964. The tree-lined promenade and the soft sand makes Manly popular among both backpackers and families. Here are several cafés, bars and restaurants right next to the beach.



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