10 places you have to visit if you love Game of Thrones

A couple of weeks ago, the first episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones aired. As you probably all ready know, the series is as famous for its astonishing environments as it is for the graphical bloody scenes. For all of you GoT fans we are listing ten places that you cannot miss if you really love the show. The filming locations take you all over Europe and all the way to Morocco.


1. Croatia, Dubrovnik – King’s Landing

Dubrovnik, with its great wall, is located in the far south of Croatia and has been the main location for shooting the Lannister family’s headquarters of King’s Landing.



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2. Croatia, Diocletian’s Palace in Split

If you visit Split you can go to the 1700 years old palace, which among others has appeared as Deanerys’ throne room.



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3. Northern Ireland, Dark Hedges – Road from King’s Landing

Dark Hedges is a road in Northern Ireland that is lined with beech trees which were planted during the 18th century. You’re probably more familiar with the place as the road from King’s Landing.

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4. Northern Ireland, Tollymore Forest Park – The Haunted Forest

Tollymore Forest was used as a filming location as early as the pilot episode, but has since been utilized several times. This is the place where Ned Stark and his sons find the direwolf cubs.


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5. Malta, Azure Window – The place of Daenerys and Drogos’ wedding

Azure Window is a natural arched limestone on the Maltese island of Gozo. It was at this spectacular place that Daenerys and Drogo got married.



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6. Spain, Seville, Plaza de Toros de Osuna – Daznak’s Pit, Meereen

Meereen, with its controversial fighting pits, is the biggest of the three cities in Slaver’s Bay. The main stadium, Daznak’s Pit, is in reality located in Seville.


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7. Spain, Cordoba, The Roman Bridge – Long Bridge of Volantis

In the series, Long Bridge is covered with several rows of multi-story houses, taverns, brothels and markets. In real life it’s not quite that impressive.


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8. Scotland, Doune Castle – Winterfell

Winterfell is the big castle located in the middle of The North. To visit it in real life, in a somewhat smaller scale, you’ll have to go to Doune Castle in central Scotland.

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9. Iceland, Vatnajökull – The Wall

Vatnajökull, located on the southeastern parts of Iceland, is the largest glacier in Europe and one of the country’s three national parks. This magnificent landscape has been used for all scenes that involves The Wall.


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10. Morrcco, Aït Ben Haddou – Yunkai in Slaver’s Bay

Yunkai, also known as Yellow City, is on of the three major Ghiscari-cities of Slaver’s Bay. To find an appropriate environment for the series, the shootings took place in the city of Aït Ben Haddou in Morrocco.


Game of Thrones

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